What Are Bulk SMSs?

Aug 7, 2020

It refers to the act of sending bulk MMS/SMSs to multiple users simultaneously. It is typically a “one-to-many” or “broadcast” type of message. It is mostly used by consumer brands, banks, enterprises, and companies to engage in large-scale outreach or marketing to their existing as well as potential users from a sole source point. This offers the users the power to send important messages quickly and seamlessly to the customers and build a long-lasting connection with them.


Why promotionkart.com Is The Best Bulk SMS Provider In Delhi?


As promotionkart operates and owns a network, it can offer its customers one of the fastest and most popular Bulk SMS service Provider In Delhi with various additional builtin benefits. The first and primary benefit involves cost savings. There is no middleman, just the user, and promotionkart aiming for your business success. Whether you are an enterprise giant or a small start-up, promotionkart will support and achieve your marketing goals in no time. The most important reason for using promotionkart to fulfill the messaging requirements of your business is that you get to gain access to a world-class marketing team. Their team includes marketing experts who have profusely mastered the mechanisms and art of messaging so that their clients can master what is important to them. 


What Is Transactional Bulk SMS?

Transactional SMSs are used for sending order alerts, booking details, informational messages, OTPs, and various other important messages to the registered customers. They are sometimes known as service messages. Transactional SMSs are not intended for marketing. They are delivered to every user irrespective of their DND (Do-Not-Disturb) status. These SMSs do not have any time restrictions and can be delivered to anyone 24x7. It can even be assigned a Sender ID of 6-alpha character of choice. However, it must correspond to the product or business name of the user.


What Is Promotional Bulk SMS?

Promotional messages are just the opposite of transactional messages. They are used for sending promotions, discounts, and offers to existing and new customers. However, the recipients might not solicit for the messages. Promotional SMSs can only be delivered to those recipients who have opt-in numbers and do not have DND activated. They can be sent anytime between 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Moreover, these SMSs can be delivered to any random Sender ID of 6-digit assigned by a telecom operator. 


Some of the highlights of using promotionkart bulk SMS services are as follows,

  • Users can reach out to twenty customers to more than five hundred customers at a go.
  • Users are also facilitated with the option to remove and add a contact from their list.
  • Users can customize their messages.
  • Users can send bulk SMSs easily to large groups through the Internet.
  • Users have the option to send messages in various languages.
  • Users can schedule specific dates and times for sending SMS.
  • Users can track history as well as get delivery reports instantly.

To know more about bulk SMS service, contact us at promotionkart right away.



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