The world's first OLED integrated mining pool network, physical technology leads the fortune

Aug 7, 2020

With the development of science and technology, the blockchain has completely entered people’s lives. Big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, and finance have all begun to develop blockchain ecological services, among which the distributed infrastructure that connects various development funds The financial service ecological platform is the core of development, and the folding OLED Chain platform is the leader in this field.

Folding OLED Chain is a global smart foldable mobile phone flexible screen integrated mining pool network that combines the cross-chain financial derivatives market. It will be based on the pre-sale of flexible screen foldable mobile phones, digital token computing power mining economic model and dual tokens Technology-driven construction of a whole set of new financial infrastructure around the mobile phone mining ecology.
Unlike most current blockchain projects, OLED Chain has a global smart foldable mobile phone flexible screen integrated mining pool as an entity that continuously generates value, and has deployed a digital asset platform for global mobile phone manufacturers, with the help of Rouyu, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers have deployed multi-faceted globalization, mobile phone assets are tokenized, and the benefits obtained by entities are fed back to the ecology, forming an ecological closed loop, with the world's first OLED integrated mining pool network and blockchain finance Commercial applications such as services, asset digitization services, all-industry certificates, decentralized mobile social networking, entertainment games, and healthcare.
At the same time, OLED Chain technically uses the enhanced SH-DPoS (Self-Healing DPoS) consensus algorithm, which can increase the self-healing, security, and efficiency of the DPoS algorithm, and provide users with one-click chain issuance and smart contract creation. , Cross-chain flash exchange, exchange folding mobile phone, decentralized finance (DEFI) and other services, establish a complete decentralized ecological industry chain.
As the underlying public chain, OLED Chain carries the important task of the orderly operation of the entire ecology. In order to avoid blockchain accidents such as double-spending attacks and hacking attacks, OLED Chain has enabled a dual-token parallel mechanism, and 21 million mother coin LEDs are used to activate the mine. The machine generates computing power to generate sub-coins, and the sub-coins are benchmarked against world-renowned flexible technology product iterations in the next five years. For example, the first phase of 100 million sub-coins OLED, which is benchmarked against 10,000 foldable flexible screen mobile phones, users It can be freely traded in the secondary market and can be used as a payment pass for the exchange of folding orders. 10,000 OLEDs can be exchanged for 1 folding order, and 1 folding order can be exchanged for 1 Softpai 2nd generation folding mobile phone. The physical value is used as the price support. , And OLED Chain also has a destruction mechanism. 30% of the fees for withdrawal and transaction fees, exchange payments, etc. are used for destruction. Folding allows 10,000 sub-coins to be destroyed for each mobile phone exchanged, so that the sub-coin OLED can achieve an extreme Deflation increases the value from the economic model. In addition, all users who hold and promote the parent currency LED and the child currency OLED can get ecological incentives, including static income and dynamic income and other compound income, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable product experience while realizing Wealth appreciation.
In the future, OLED Chain will also cooperate with commercial applications in various fields to build a strong cornerstone for the next generation of new financial systems for mobile phone manufacturers driven by blockchain technology (software) and flexible screens. At the same time, it will also provide distributed financial services. The ecological platform is implemented in every business system in the world, making OLED Chain a globally recognized payment certificate.


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