RPA College® Unites with Africa

Jan 18, 2021

Inks Billion Dollar Deal by Making Way for American Football in Africa

Arlington, Texas Jan 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - RPA College® Inks Billion-Dollar Deal by Making Way for American Football in Africa

Arlington, TX, RPA College® Prep is pleased to announce that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Inspire Marketing and American Football Federation Ghana, to take the Texas-based program and its participants to Africa, allowing African athletes the opportunity to experience American football in their native country and the U.S. The endeavor was conceptualized by RPA College® Founder Reggie Calhoun, Jr.
Construction of this agreement allows for American football to grow and establish at the amateur level. American football has a subtle flame brewing in the great continent of Africa, and RPA College® is set to open the gates for a solid foundation and transition of aspiring student-athletes.

RPA College® www.rpacollege.org

RPA College® is a post-secondary prep institution, competing on the college-level with a unique focus to cater specifically to the athletes who have been underestimated and overlooked. The program provides athletes of varying skill levels with access to participation in competitive sports at a junior college level, the tools, and resources required to complete a certification, two- a year, or a four-year college degree. Providing career/life counseling to aid students in obtaining long-term career opportunities both in and out of the sport.


INSPIRE MARKETING AND BRANDING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (IMBI) is a world-class branding company that promotes sports as well as men and women in sports. We provide channels that help men and women in sports get the recognition they deserve. Our company works with upcoming talent requiring a platform to showcase their raw talent as well as provide existing talent a platform to reach out to a wider audience. We believe in building dreams and inspiring the world through sports.

"RPA COLLEGE® of Arlington, Texas (represented by Mr. Reggie W. Calhoun Jr.), a sports development & preparatory academy providing scientific-based strength and training that grooms young athletes from amateur status into professional status, has recently signed a Pan-African partnership agreement with INSPIRE MARKETING AND BRANDING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (IMBI) (represented by Mr. Yinka Abioye) a marketing, promotion, branding & activation company in Africa, with a significant focus on sports, entertainment & culture. The partnership has established RPA-AFRICA. The partnership will provide opportunities for young athletes to develop and improve their skills before or during tertiary education and will assist in preparing and guiding them into professional status and teams in & out of the USA. They will also assist the athletes with recruitment and placement programs." Yinka Abioye.

American Football Federation Ghana www.affgh.com

American Football Federation Ghana is the only legally mandated and governing body responsible for all regulatory, competition, performance, and development aspects of the game in the country of Ghana. It is also recognized by the National Sports Authority of Ghana.

"Making the move to Africa has always been a part of the vision. I believe that what we offer at RPA College® should be experienced by every aspiring student-athlete, including those abroad. With this agreement, RPA College® Prep positions itself to become the program of choice for all developmental athletes. We look forward to deploying our services to those in the great continent of Africa. There's a pool of untapped talent there and we are excited to bridge the gap. We are focused on providing exposure to American athletes and international athletes, by creating exchange programs and selection based recruiting both in America and Africa.," Calhoun said.

"The value of these partnerships are estimated to be valued upwards of $1.1 billion within the agreement, which positions RPA College® Prep as one of the highest valued programs in the industry."



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Source :RPA College®/UpNext Sports Consulting

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