KVP Orthotics Has The Best Selection of Orthotics for Dogs Online

Aug 7, 2020

Chino, Aug 7, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - KVP Orthotics (https://kvportho.com) has one goal and that is to improve the quality of life of its customers by utilizing the latest in emerging technologies, materials, and techniques when creating orthodontics for dogs. 

KVP Orthotics offers orthopedic dog braces for injuries to the following joint: the CCL (dog knee brace), carpal (dog wrist), tarsal (dog ankle), elbow, and shoulder.

Orthopedic bracing has multiple benefits, such as proper support for an injured joint and reducing the risk of further injury, immobilization to help with healing and reduce fatigue, and bracing helps with pain and swelling.

KVP Orthotics offers Balto® Braces, ready-to-wear braces that are designed specifically to aid by supporting the affected joint in healthy movements and dispersing body weight to help prevent further injury. Balto® Braces are the highest quality, ready-to-wear braces on the market. They are handmade in Italy; providing comfort and protection for your dog.

KVP Orthotics is part of the parent company KVP International, Inc. They were founded in 1964 and now have the largest selection of recovery collars, quality surgical supplies, and effective patient care products.

The company first launched the Saf-T-Shield Elizabethan Collar which was praised by veterinarians and their technicians as being highly effective, innovative and great valued collar. This sets the standard for all products sold by KVP.

Since then the company has held high-quality standards when producing surgical supplies, patient care products and various orthotics for dogs.

KVP Orthotics has a large selection of orthotics for dogs which include:

  • Knee braces
  • Hock braces
  • Carpal/ Tarsal laxity splints
  • Back bracers
  • Elbow braces
  • Cura
  • Rigid neck braces
  • Brace for hyper flexion phalanges
  • Hip dysplasia braces
  • Shoulder braces
  • Protective gloves
  • MYOS canine muscle formula
  • Body harness with handles
  • Rear harness supports
  • Carpel compression bands

KVP Orthotics products are the best in the market in terms of quality. This makes them the preferred choice of veterinarians and their technicians.

Your pet is part of your family. You want to ensure they receive the best treatment when injured and this means quality orthotics. Your dog's mobility can be severely limited by injuries, physical trauma, neurological disabilities, etc. KVP Orthotics has the highest quality products that your dog deserves.

Look no further than KVP Orthotics for orthotics for your dog/s.

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