Understanding The Kula Brands Business Model

Hello folks, first let me say that I am by no stretch of the imagination a Kula Brands Guru, I’m simply a guy who has been around the block as far as Home Businesses, Work From Home Businesses and MLM. I am by no means writing this blog to undermine or judge any of those business models because there are more good business people in the industry than bad, it’s just that some give the industry a black eye and when you’re a beginner and get burned you tend to throw a blanket indictment over the whole industry.

The Kula Brands New patented business model garnered my attention when a friend kept asking me to check it out, by then I was burned out from the online business industry and kept shining her on promising that I would check it out, having absolutely no intention of doing so.

She finally wore me down and I checked Kula Brands out and what I found out shook me to my core, this is the business model I was searching for all these years. Finally, a business model that didn’t require a monthly fee, no buying products every month just to stay current in the company, a 2 tier payment option, if you don’t have a lump sum of cash laying around you can pay a small monthly fee for 12 months and you’re paid up.

Then I found out that I didn’t have to sell if I didn’t want to because I could get royalties from the inventors we assisted in accordance with this new patented business model. We assist inventors with bringing their inventions to market with all the issues inventors go through. Inventors can;t always come up with the money to market, money for legal fees and with Kula Brands they don’t have to worry about giving us their inventions to check out and seeing it on a commercial after it gets ripped off.

Then we assist the invention on Crowdfunding and when it goes live and start to sell anywhere in the world we get paid royalties for the life of the product. Of course it’s a little more to it than that so I’ll allow our website to explain in more detail.

If you’re interested in what you see on the site, feel free to contact me.



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