Scottsdale Golf Club Shares Update On Private Golf Course Renovations

August 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Scottsdale, AZ based The Country Club at DC Ranch is pleased to share a new update regarding the remodeling and renovations being carried out on their practice park. The club believes that they have addressed every possible requirement that their esteemed patrons have, and are eager to share the results of their work when they officially reopen on Friday the 18th of October.

The Country Club at DC Ranch states that their goal was to develop an expansive environment in which players could comfortably work on all phases of the game. To accomplish this, the club took into account that the new grounds would have to accomodate children and beginning players as well as those more accomplished in the game. This then led them to expand the current practice park in all four directions to a total play area that will exceed 15 acres once complete. They say that, “We are pleased that our golfers enjoy practicing, or at least warming up, before play. However, the South end tee did not have as many stations as we needed on the Scottsdale private golf courses.” To address this lack of space, the club plans to widen the South tee to both the East and West, making room for 5-10 more practice stations upon completion. The North and South tee is also scheduled to be deepened, giving the club around three weeks more use of the area.

Furthermore, the club has noted the deterioration of the wall between the upper and lower tee. Given that the wall restricts the total amount of tee space that can be used in that section, it will not be rebuilt; it will instead be completely removed by the time renovations are concluded.

As the renowned Scottsdale golf club takes great pride in their ability to guide new players in the joys and technical mastery of the game, the back of the instruction tee is set to be graded for the planned two-bay learning center. As the learning center will still retain its own turf for practice, the club hopes that returning players will be able to pick up their training right where they left off. They clarify, “We will designate target locations every 25 yards to help your wedge play. In front of the instruction tee, and heading North, is a narrow driving fairway that extends up to 340 yards. To the right of the fairway mounding, we have a wider fairway that extends the entire length of the Scottsdale private golf courses range.”

With respect to a player’s short games, the club says, “The 4 cup, warm-up green you saw as you headed to the first tee was approximately 3000 square feet. It will now be enlarged to more than 8000 square feet. The complex also includes two short game greens, measuring between 2800-3500 square feet, that will be used for pitching, chipping, greenside, and fairway bunker practice. This short game area at our Scottsdale private golf courses stretches approximately 70 yards in total, which means it is significantly larger than what we had before.“

With the assumption of fair weather and smooth execution, The Country Club at DC Ranch estimates that the rough shaping of the field, targets, greens, and bunkers should be completed in 2-3 weeks, followed by finished grading and sculpting. “We anticipate sprigging all turf areas with 328 Bermuda grass, a change from the previous 419 for better playability and color,” says the club. “Sprigging (pieces of grass with roots) is our preferred method of growing turf versus sodding (plots of turf). When the sprigging begins in the first few weeks of July, it will grow rapidly when we take advantage of high humidity. This is necessary for this Bermuda growth to occur properly and as quickly as possible on Scottsdale private golf courses.”

The club also states that they are grateful to their loyal patrons for their patience and are excited to welcome them back in October. They say, “We hope you understand we want the best surfaces for you to work on your game—and won’t stand for anything less! We are pleased that we will have an all-phase-of-the-game practice area when it is finished. For now, it’s back to the bulldozers, and we will keep you informed as progress occurs.”

Interested parties may contact Melanie Halpert of The Country Club at DC Ranch, or visit, for more information. Furthermore, players and other patrons may connect with the golf club through their social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the ongoing renovations.


For more information about The Country Club at DC Ranch, contact the company here:

The Country Club at DC Ranch
Melanie Halpert
9290 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy #1 Scottsdale, AZ 85255

ReleaseID: 60030322

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