San Jose HVAC Service Provider Launches New Website

August 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - San Jose, California based Art's Heating & Cooling (AH&C) is excited to announce the launch of their new HVAC services website. David Ghrahramany, the owner, stated, “We’ve built our new website from the ground up to make it as user friendly as possible and accessible from any device, including any mobile device. You can even call us directly from the website, so there is no need to even worry about writing our number down.”

From Art's Heating & Cooling on Google My Business, visitors will be able to easily make an appointment and check the company’s service area (which extends across Santa Clara County). They can also find out more about the company’s services as well as explore the useful seasonal tips and informative articles included on the website. AH&C has posted several brief videos to help visitors learn more about important aspects of the field, such as ‘How Air Conditioning Works’.

A recent 5-Star Yelp review from a customer who identified themselves as SD said that they received, “Old fashioned care and service from the owner! I am sick and tired of heating/cooling/plumbing services that are huge businesses yet hire lackadaisical, bored, and uninterested service and repairmen—and you get a different one each time! I've made it my goal to seek out the small businesses from whom you get 100%! David came to our house—He was clean, on time, professional, and even our rabbit liked him! More importantly, he gave advice over the phone that prevented a bigger repair and, when he showed up, he kept all costs to a minimum and explained each step, asking if it was okay financially. He gave advice about how to keep the unit clean and showed me how to properly hose it down. He also shared a few thoughts regarding the future steps we’d take with our unit. 100% the best A/C/heating guy you will find in the Bay Area!”

Ghrahramany stated, “Helping people through their emergencies is why I decided to set up the firm. Getting feedback like this made me realize that, to help as many people as I could, I needed to use the internet to reach out farther than I could otherwise. I invite every customer to leave their feedback and, if they do have a problem, to get in touch with us directly.” Art's Heating & Cooling on Blogspot was also recently launched to provide an accessible, easy-to-use platform for visitors to read at their own convenience. The first post includes links to hundreds of customer reviews on Google, Home Advisor, and Yelp.

The company provides a full range of residential HVAC services for homeowners across Santa Clara County. AH&C can service all major HVAC brands and can even give advice over the phone to help homeowners prevent bigger and more expensive repair problems.

The company also provides Furnace and Heating Repair, Installation and Replacement, and Maintenance services. Since many homeowners have cut back on what they consider to be non-essential costs, it is not uncommon for HVAC units to go for extended periods of time without the maintenance they require. Unfortunately, this is one expenditure that should not be skipped, as central A/C systems typically lose about 5% of their original efficiency each year. Overlooking essential maintenance can mean that their units now cost substantially more to run each month. Any perceived savings made by skipping maintenance is often outstripped by utilities payments.

Visitors can find out more about the company’s service coverage through Art's Heating & Cooling HVAC services page. A map is available for visitors to see if they fall within the highlighted areas the company serves.

On Google, another 5-Star review from Domarina A. said that, “Art’s Heating & Cooling is an honest company. David gave me his best recommendation with a fair price, and he finished the job on time and as promised. I’ve referred him to my sister, and she referred him to her friend, and they’re all very happy with his excellent service.”

Recommendations and referrals like this are the reason Art’s Heating & Cooling is a popular local business. Many Americans are tired of feeling like they are being ripped off and pushed into buying new HVACs when some sound advice and a good maintenance service or a smaller repair can often fix the issue. Ghrahramany stated, “HVAC systems usually last many years, and a regular biannual preventative maintenance check, combined with owner’s tasks like changing filters, helps keep them running at peak efficiency. I provide honest advice to those who want to upgrade to more ecological units and I can ensure that it is installed properly.”

Those who wish to call Art's Heating & Cooling to get advice or schedule an appointment can find contact information and call directly from the company’s new website. Additionally, interested parties may connect with the company through their social media platforms.


For more information about Art's Heating & Cooling, contact the company here:

Art's Heating & Cooling
David Ghrahramany
P.O. Box 23218 San Jose, CA 95153

ReleaseID: 60030078

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