Realtor Provides Superior Client Service with New Virginia Beach Broker License

Local Virginia Beach real estate agent recently received his broker’s license in Virginia Beach. He could set up his own brokerage firm & work independently, yet he is still focused on building up his Real Estate Agency in a way that puts his clients first.

Virginia Beach, United States - February 16, 2019 /PressCable/ —

NIMMO PARKWAY, Va.- Recently, licensed realtor Austin Frangoules reached the peak of the real estate industry. He worked up the ranks, starting out as a real estate agent then transitioning to a realtor. Finally, Austin Frangoules is now a licensed broker in Virginia.

Earning a broker’s license demonstrates a significant commitment to understanding all aspects of the real estate industry because achieving a Virginia Beach broker’s license requires intensive training and experience in the industry.

“Being a Virginia Beach broker is the best possible thing you could be in real estate,” says Austin. Indeed, but it is no small feat, due the much stricter licensing requirements that brokers have. To even be eligible for the main PSI Examination, which is the State Broker License Exam, he had to first get the necessary experience & educational requirements.

In total he completed 8 college level courses (3 as a real estate agent, 1 ethics course as a realtor & 4 additional courses to become a Virginia Beach broker). These 4 additional courses were on Real Estate Law, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Brokerage & Real Estate Appraisal.

Real Estate Law deals with the role of agents in the relationship between the broker and the client. Real Estate Finance teaches the methods of financing real estate property and about the financial institutions that provide the funds.

On the other hand, a Virginia Beach Real Estate Brokerage focuses on the operational functions of the real estate license & Real Estate Appraisal goes through what creates, maintains and destroys real estate property values.

This way he knows every aspects of the real estate world & can handle any situation when going through real estate sales and as he says, “knowledge in the market place gives authority.”

It’s all about Commitment & Experience. A Virginia Beach broker must have had a minimum of 2 years licensed real estate sales person experience alongside the additional educational & legal requirements. The main PSI Examination is a massive 5-hour exam with 200 questions where Austin had to score 75% or better to actually become a Virginia Beach broker!

A broker makes a much bigger commitment of time & education. According to NAR, only 21% of all realtors are brokers. That means 79% aren’t! As should be apparent by now, his clients are in very good hands.

A real estate agent has to work under the supervision of a licensed Virginia Beach broker. Virginia Beach Brokers usually manage the whole firm and has many real estate agents working under them. Also, a Virginia Beach real estate broker can either choose to work for themselves or associate with another broker.

Virginia Beach Brokers can make massive amounts just by leveraging their real estate agents to do the hard work of dealing with transactions & yet taking maximum commissions. These brokers view the industry as a very agent-centric industry, and client satisfaction isn’t their main priority.

Despite all these advantages he could have utilized as a broker, he is still very client centric. He doesn’t sit back & relax. Instead, he wants to service all his clients directly. He takes a full hands-on approach to assist his clients, going over & beyond.

One of the tings he will neogitate for his clients is to get a home warrantly included in the purchase agreement. If your not sure what a Home Warranty is you can learn more here.

He wants to be the one to deal with all his client’s needs. In a recent video on Facebook he cautioned people about the easy route that most agent-centric brokers take.

He talked about how most people when buying or selling a house assigns a broker, and thinks that the broker is actually the one who is dealing with the transaction. Where in reality, the broker simply uses one of his real estate agents to do all the work.

“When you’re going to use a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent make sure you’re actually getting the broker and not their agents. So really, the best option if you are going to hire anyone, is to hire an actual real estate broker!” says Austin.

It’s very tough to find a good professional in the industry & this is truly a testimony of how committed he is to what he does. Even as a Virginia Beach broker, he did not set up a large brokerage firm. His team is currently made up of only two other realtors that he himself trained. This ensured that they treat clients with the highest quality, the same way he does.

Having a small team in Virginia Beach means strategies, motivation & management are much more effective. There is much more coordination as he is able to talk one-on-one with his agents, ask them about their clients & actually sit down with their clients and go over their vision of buying or selling a house.

He doesn’t hire hundreds of real estate agents. Rather than focus on how to leverage agents to make money via commissions, he made a commitment to focus only on his clients. So all his energy, all his creativity, is spent on making better client services and enhancing his skill set and his ability to be a greater resource to people who want to buy or sell real estate.

This way, newly licensed Virginia Beach Broker Austin Frangoules and his team can deliver customer-focused attention. He is committed to the industry, his career & committed to enhancing his knowledge to be an asset for his clients. He is very client centric, the way real estate should be.

If you would like to learn more about Austin and his personalized approach to helping his clients you can go to his website here:

Contact Info:
Name: Austin Frangoules
Organization: Top Producers Real Estate
Address: 600 22nd Street Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, United States
Phone: +1-757-493-1582

Source: PressCable

Release ID: 483021

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