New CapTV Episode Explores How to Make Passive Income with Real Estate Investing

Latest episode of CapTV gives the details on how to go from zero experience to making passive income with real estate investing.

Austin, United States - February 27, 2020 /PressCable/ —

Real estate has created more millionaires than any other vehicle in the world. In the latest CapTV episode, Austin-based media company takes a closer look at how people are going from nothing to making passive income through real estate investing. The episode, “

" target="_blank">Real Estate Investing: How to Start Making Passive Income,” demystifies wealth creation through real estate and shares the different methods one can use to get started, even with no previous experience.

While some people use real estate investing as a primary form of income, others are interested in using the vehicle as a way to create a stream of passive income that will enable them to live life on their own terms. Founder Ryan Moran explained that identifying the goal upfront is essential to get on the right path.

“Sometimes people get into the wrong real estate vehicle, thinking they will eventually hit their goal without knowing what the goal is,” said Moran. “In order to know how to begin, you have to determine if you want real estate to be your full-time business, a side-gig to create passive income, or both. Once you have made this distinction, you’ll be able to know the right steps to take to get started.”

In this episode, Moran introduces three friends who have used real estate investing in different ways to achieve their financial goals. They share insight and advice regarding the various vehicles one can use depending on specific income goals. From being a direct investor for single-family houses and duplexes to acting as an investor who supports other people’s real estate visions and then gets a piece of the pie, this is an opportunity that offers something for everyone.

“One option is to acquire small deals and then move onto bigger deals once you have the cash flow,” explained Moran. “My friend Tom was working 80 hours a week as a doctor and had to find opportunities he could do on evenings and weekends. After he found the first deal, it tipped the scales, allowing him to earn enough passive income so he could afford to cut back on his office hours and have more time to invest.”

Moran and his company promote the idea that wealth makes it possible for individuals to be the change-makers in the world. Available on the company’s YouTube channel, the CapTV episodes cover the ideals of entrepreneurship and solutions for global problems through personal responsibility.

According to Moran, it’s never too late for people to start over and begin a new chapter of wealth creation, no matter where they are in life or what the economy is doing.

“A mantra at is ‘Own, Create, Serve.’ Anyone can generate wealth by owning something and creating value for a specific group of people,” said Moran. “If you don’t own something you control that can go up in value over time, then you can’t get rich. You don’t get rich on salary. You get rich on ownership.”

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